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(#2716) Big Block Chevy TALL DECK (10.20'') 2V Accessory Drive Kit for 71-Series Supercharger. This manifold is designed for Big Block Chevy TALL DECK (10.20'') applications. This complete drive kit includes all parts and drive accessories required for assembly in conjunction with a TBS 71-Series supercharger. It features a 2V accessory pulleys so you …

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15/01/2010 I have a running tall deck 427 and a 671 blower off of an excavator. Blower manifolds are available for this engine. This engine is likely low compression in it's present form. I know the bottom ends of these engines are very tough. The supercharger would likely overcome deficiencies of the low flowing heads somewhat. For a very low buck hot rod would the four …

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30/11/2007 What can be built with a 427 tall deck block? I know where there is a good 4-bolt main block for about $325 that has been bored .030 honed and bearings installed. What do you think about the price? Is this a waste of time and just use a regular deck Mark IV block? What crank piston and rod options are available? I was thinking a budget build with a stroker crank …

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366/427 tall deck specifications: Cylinder block deck height: 10.2 inches 366 standard bore: 3.935 inches 427 standard bore: 4.25 inches crankshaft stroke: 3.76 inches Bore spacing center-to-center: 4.84 inches Compression ratio: 8.0:1

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22/11/2015 Still have a tall deck blower manifold somewhere in one of my barns.. I have bored these blocks 4.440 and still had .125 or more wall left. Filled with blok rock.. Have bored several drag motors to 4.375 and no problems.. The backup motor for my Studebaker gasser is a .125 over (9.800 deck) old war horse veteran of many wars 454 block.Hot Rods 4 speed hydromatic07/01/2019Hot Rods Radir slicks02/05/2018Hot Rods 1966 39623/09/2017Tall deck 427 vs std 4bolt 454 | The H.A.M.B.03/10/2006

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28/10/2007 TALL DECK 427 BUILD. Post by clutchdoctor Fri Oct 26 2007 12:27 am. I have a 427t that i'm getting ready to build but am unsure of the max overbore. I am also looking fore a good rotating assembly combo. Any info would help thanks. GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!! Top. Alan Roehrich Guru Posts: 3069 Joined: Tue Jul 04 2006 9:58 pm Location: Murfreesboro TN. …Don Terrill???s Speed-Talk27/10/2019rotating assembly for 427 tall deck bbc26/07/2013BBC Tall Deck Stroke Options18/09/2012350 vortec heads on a 30517/04/2012

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BBC Competition TALL Deck Blower Manifold is by manufactured by The Blower Shop machined from cast aluminum and is 4.70 tall. Has solid sides for added strength and rigidity tented floor improving airflow and capable of accepting up to a 14.71 blower. Features two 1/2 NPT water outlets in the front back. Also drilled for port nozzle injection. Front is machined …

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15/05/2007 if it is a truck tall deck 427 then you can take and install a 4.25 stroke bbc crank and stock 454 pistons then run a 6.385 rod i think . hopefully someone will correct me if needed. a friend of mine built one with stock .30 over 454 pistons a 4.25 crank and either stock lenth rods or 6.385 rods and it worked great . it save him lots of cash to not have to buy 496 pistons. makes …Which Stroker Crank for SBC 427 Build?01/08/2009SBC 427 Stroker Build (w/ Dart SHP 400 Block)05/04/2009What kind of problems with the 867 pontiac sbc 23 deg heads?10/05/2007which head? pontiac 23 degree by hrd or brodix 11 x cnc keit10/05/2007