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17/07/2020 Add hanging planters to your fence. How to hide a fence – hanging plant pots on a fence. Adding hanging pots or other planters from your fence can be an inexpensive way of hiding it. This is a particularly useful option if you want to cover a fence in a rented home or while you wait for slow-growing climbers to get going. BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

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An old style car bumper jack and some chain to grab the post with often works. If they are large or very heavy a bobcat and some chain can usually pull them out especially if you soak the ground around them thoroughly. If the concrete is smooth you may need to place some eye bolts to get something to grab. bill_g_web.

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01/08/2018 Hiding gravel board concrete fence posts. just don’t like them so constructed a wood block wall 350mm high to cover them up painted the posts with masonry paint . Pleased with the results now for the planting !! That's a jolly good idea. I'm going to steal it.

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0:4629/11/2008 Removing fence posts and breaking concrete. - YouTube. T0MKINNAIRD

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2:4529/05/2014 Remove a fence post or concreted post fast and easy with half the time work and dirt removal. LDS Prepper PREMIUM Micro-Nutrient Mix: LDSPrepper

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15/01/2019 The posts were also trimmed down to size to ensure all parts of the old concrete slab fencing were completely hidden from view behind the Featherboard installation. The low paling picket fence on the left side was been replaced with handcrafted Featherboard fence panels complete with Lattice Trellis panels on the top; known as Trellis Topper panels.

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24/02/2021 To prepare the site for the Fix-a-Fence kit you must dig a hole eight inches from the fence post that leans. A pair of post hole diggers are the preferred method for making this hole. The hole should be on the side of the fence post away from the lean direction. The hole should be eighteen inches deep. Dennis Howard

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PreparationExampleUsePreventionTreatmentAdvantagesRisksResultsThere are a few ways to make this task a little easier. One of the best methods for digging out fence posts by hand is to only remove the dirt around one face of the fence post. By digging slightly deeper than the base of the concrete you can then tip the post into the hole and lift it out.

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Hide damaged sections of your fence with attractive fence art or garden art that you create or purchase from your local garden center. 7. Increase the privacy of your outdoor entertaining areas and block the view of your fence by placing privacy screens or …