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Typical Properties of TERM Sill Moisture|Termite Barrier Property Test Method English Metric Color -- Pink backing Black adhesive Pink backing Black adhesive Barrier Thickness ASTM D 1000 inch (mm).068 1.52 Long Term Testing against Termite Penetration ICC AC 380 Acceptance Criteria for Termite Physical Barriers ICC ESR

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Samples were taken from each panel to test the borate content. The result was expressed as boric acid equivalent (BAE) (Table 1). Tests were conducted to determine each panel’s stiffness and strength internal bond strength thickness swelling water leachability and termite resistance. In addition creep tests were conducted.

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Older homes typically have subfloors made of 3/4-inch thick x 4- to 8-inch pine. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) also can be used for subfloors. All of the most common subfloor materials are wood-based and susceptible to termite damage.


Weight [3/4 in. (19 mm) thickness] ASTM D1037 5.3 lb./ft.2 (26 kg/m2) Linear variation with change in moisture (25% to 90% relative humidity) ASTM C1185 Sec. 8 <0.10 % Noncombustibility ASTM E136 (unmodified)


Thickness standard Inches 3/4” Colors standard Off white Glass fiber Non alkali fiber glass mesh 6 layers Weight per board ASTM C 1185-02 130 lbs Tolerance Thickness ASTM C 1186-02 +/- 0.5% Tolerance Length ASTM C 1186-02 +/- 0.5% Tolerance Width ASTM C 1186-02 +/- 0.5% Technical specifications • M4-Subfloor Panel 100% Silica and asbestos free

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Feb 24 2005 Mar 12 2005 Termite damage in subfloor. I don't know if this question should go to to flooring or to tile but here goes: Our house is post-and-pier construction and was built in 1973. The basic floor of the house is 1 plywood (I know this from ripping up carpet etc. in the past). ... Subfloor thickness for tile install. Hello! I am looking to install ...Termite barrier under slabDec 15 2010Termites and Sheet rockOct 19 2005Salt damage on concrete floorJan 12 2005Termite damage to plasterAug 23 2004