how to install deck boards on a deck

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Jun 22 2021 Work your way down an entire deck board on one side adding a pilot hole and driving a screw with the Deck Jig at every joist location. Next move to the other side of the deck board and continue. You want to have a screw going into both sides of the board at every joist.

How To Lay Deck Boards: Essential Guide

Sep 11 2020 Use your straightest deck board and lay it first across the deck’s front edge opposite your house. Each board should have a ⅛” gap. All deck board should end on a joist making sure to stagger deck board ends. While laying deck boards might seem easy and quick you’ll want to take your time and do it right.

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Set the decking board across the joists. With a biscuit joiner or a router equipped with a slot-cutting bit cut slots centered over each joist on both sides of the board. 2. Install the Deck Board with Adhesive