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12/04/2014 Wall covering. 1. Wall Covering. 2. Types of wall covering • Paint • Wall paper • Wooden panels • Fabric wall covering • Glass wall covering • Metal wall covering • Stainless steel • ... 3. Paint • Paint is made up of pigments and oil or water- based binder. Paint can be used for identification ...

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Parquetry involves patterns and designs made from pieces of wood and can help to give a classy ornate look to your floor. Vinyl and linoleum Linoleum (or lino for short) is a popular floor covering thanks mostly to its excellent durability and affordable cost.

Types Of Wall Coverings paints wall papers fabric coverings wood coverings tiles 35. Paints It is mixture of four ingredients – pigments …

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Carpeting also offers the benefit of many color and pattern options and is a mid-priced option overall. Tile is a long-lasting floor covering usually made of ceramic or stone. Another popular floor covering option is hardwood. Hardwood floors may be true hardwood or they may be laminate designed to look hardwood.

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Vitreous/ceramic flooring Ceramic tiles are beautiful tough and enduring floor and wall covering material. Apart from its very presentable look it is resistant to almost all of the common sources of wear endured by quality flooring. ... some softer sheet materials are bonded to the PVC in this type. 47. Soft Floor coverings These are resilient floorings and include all types of carpets rugs and mats. Soft …

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steps of flooring types of flooring •carpets and rugs •vinyl flooring •wooden flooring •stone flooring •brick flooring •glass flooring 4. CARPETS AND RUGS THE TERMS “CARPET” DENOTES A LARGE FLOOR COVERING THAT CAN BE CUT TO SUIT ANY ROOM. THE “RUG” MEANS A LOOSE-LAID PIECE OF SIZE AND DESIGN DETERMINED BY THE MAKER.

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What are the different types of walls used in Construction? The types of walls used in construction are: 1. Load bearing wall 2. Non-load bearing wall 3. Cavity wall 4. Shear wall 5. Partition wall 6. Faced Wall 7. Veneered wall 8. Panel wall


should be applied on the wall prior to applying the wall covering. The various types are: - Paper backed vinyl – The vinyl may have the appearance of almost any material. E.g. silk tweed hessain cork grass paper wood stone or brick. Fabric backed vinyl – Similar in appearance to the paper backed ones but is more durable. Vinyl flock paper

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Before we go into the different types of wall coverings first there are a few key points you have to think about. The type of wall covering you choose will depend entirely on which wall(s) you are covering. ... going into too much detail on the different types of tiles here as we have a whole project on the subject of different types of wall and floor tiles and a section on tiling itself and all that goes with it. The most …