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2007-12-21 When installing the tread many builders project the front end of the deck boards over the stringer by the thickness of the riser as well as about an inch as a nose. This projected step helps protect the riser from becoming loosened over time. It is a nice detail that adds definition to the stairs. It is usually most attractive to use a radius edge or bull nose face for the stair nosing.

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Composite deck stair overhang vs. flush. Ask Question Asked 5 years 1 month ago. Active 5 years 1 month ago. Viewed 13k times ... Overhanging treads allow a deeper tread for a given run. This gives folks with bigger feet a bigger target. In this case if there's just one rise or if extra-deep (three-board) treads are used it's not a concern

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Mar 18 2020 How much overhang should deck stair treads have? The minimum tread depth — or the length of the level cut in the jack (stringer) — in the IRC is 10 inches. The tread itself will be deeper as it needs to overhang the riser by 1 inch.

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2020-01-29 The overhang creates a nice look Flush is not best Intentional is. My carpentry shop teacher liked to say in regards to flushing material edges. It is... The overhang creates consistency with stair nosing. Most decks have stairs leading down to the …

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What Is The Stair Tread Overhang? Stringers are the two parallel diagonal members that support the treads and risers. They may be solid sided or open... Risers are the vertical or back section of each stair. The riser is commonly closed with a board called a riser on the... Treads are the flat or ...

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The treads overhang the stringer on the sides. Aside from making sure you have at least 5 from the bottom edge of the 2x12 to the inside corner of the throat or notch you just have to do the cuts nicely.

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Jul 10 2019 Stair Tread Nose Overhang? | Posted in General Discussion on February 21 2007 10:42am. Hi I’m replacing some carpeted treads with oak …

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Creating a Bull nose or Overhand for The Stair Tread. To create a bull nose or overhang for each tread a tread size of 11 ½” was chosen and an 1 ½” overhang was used. This will work out well for a 10 inch run. The picture below explains the concept of rise and run as well as the tread size and overhang.

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The nosing on treads believe it or not has a code minimum and maximum of how far the nosing projects over the next stair. Nosings are required to overhang a minimum of ¾-in. to a maximum of 1-¼-in. Also the maximum nosing radius cannot exceed 9/16 of an inch. Remember to Include Flooring

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May 29 2020 Deck Layout: The most first and most important step for installing composite decks is layout. The PVC trim will cause the deck to overhang the framing by 1-3/4″ to create a 1″ finished overhang. This means your starting perimeter board's inside edge needs to be exactly 3-3/4″ from the outside of the framing. Should I leave a gap between ...

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This rise was a convenient 44”. This allowed for 6 rises of exactly 7.33” or about 7 ¼”. Using two 2x6s with a ¼” gap created a stair tread size of about 11 ¼”. To determine the total run we multiplied the run size of ten inches (not the actual tread because we wanted the treads to overhang slightly) by the number of rises (6x10=60).

How much overhang should deck stair treads have?

How much overhang should deck stair treads have? The minimum tread depth — or the length of the level cut in the jack (stringer) — in the IRC is 10 inches. The tread itself will be deeper as it needs to overhang the riser by 1 inch. So if you have a 10-inch tread …

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Apr 18 2013 Also deck board is available in 6' in my area (or maybe you're using 2-by-x which generally isn't). edro Lifer. Apr 5 2002 24329 68 91. ... If I had an overhang on the stair treads I could have tucked the vertical sides up under that and it would have gave it a more finished look as well as protected the grain from water penetration.

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1:33Dec 03 2014 Click on this link for more stair building codes. Remember to always check with your local building and safety dep... stairbuilding


Once the deck surface is dry apply a deck “brightener * to the deck as directed by the manufacturer. Deck Brighteners contain oxalic acid which will also remove tannins. Ice and Snow A plastic shovel may be used to remove snow from the deck. Use calcium chloride or rock salt to melt the snow and ice from the deck surface. Oil Grease and Food

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Nosings the overhanging portion must be curved with a radius under 0.56 inches. If the risers are solid the nosing must project between 0.75 and 1.25 inches and must be uniform between two stories with variations of less than 0.375 inches. This applies to nosings on treads and landings. Beveling on noses must be less than 0.5 inches.

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A stair tread is the width (or depth) of a single stair run. A stair rise is the vertical distance from the top of one tread to the top of the next tread. The total run is the overall horizontal distance traveled by the stringer. The total rise is a stairway’s overall change in height …

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1:01Mar 28 2018 This video covers the basics of deck stair construction covering lumber options spacing overhang distance rot and corrosion resistance and fasteners. finehomebuilding