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2019. 9. 3. b1rdman. Having read through loads of posts on here about decking the general concensus is not to worry too much about the DPC as long as there is a small gap between ledger and wall to aid drainage. Where it becomes more of an issue is where there will be a build up of standing water above the DPC.

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You can then bend the pressure-treated plywood strips across the front of the joists and screw it into place. Composite decking is flexible enough to be bent across curved sections of the deck. If the decking is hot it will be even easier to bend into the desired shapes.

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A 2×6 joist can span up to 9 feet a 2×8 can span up to 12 feet and a 2×10 can span up to 15 feet. With this in mind the depth of the joist determines the spacing of the beams. A deck with 2×8 joists spaced 16 inches apart will need to be supported at least every 12 feet to provide adequate support for the joists and comply with building codes.

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2021. 8. 21. Putting decking above a damp proof course (DPC) in not a good idea especially if the property is to be extended with a deck. The deck shouldn't be directly attached to the property with a 1cm gap between the decking and the house.

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11/12/2015 If You Can Help Yourself DO NOT Run the Decking Boards over the Pool’s Top Rails. Probably the biggest mistake people make when building a deck for their above ground pool is they run the decking boards over the pool’s top rails. I get it. They want to have the look of wood running right to the water and completely hide the pool’s frame.

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2009. 6. 22. As the section of decking in question is only a thin strip on a completely solid concrete base is it feasible to make it free standing. I'm confident I could seure it; but would it cause damp problems if the decking was installed above the dpc; even if it didn't actually connect to the wall at all (and had the 10cm gap).

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We can even help you find a pro to build your deck. Make sure your pool is installed first. Don’t build your deck first and hope it fits around a pool you choose. While above ground pools have standardized wall heights (48” 52” and 54”) every pool will be a slightly different.

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2013. 3. 2. Hi Can anyone please recommend a long lasting purpose made product that you paint onto the top surface of decking floor joists to protect against water rot? membrane paints?I know of the rubber / plastic strips that you can buy for this purpose but do not want to see the overlap rubber edge from below as this a deck on a first floor and the underside of the deck is visible from below.

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2019. 4. 12. After some expert opinions on what the correct solution is for my decking and grass area. Currently it is 40mm above the DPC it is fastened to the house by wooden spars with no spacers the spars are directly under the DPC. it …Hi all. After some expert opinions on what the correct solution is for my decking and grass area. Currently it is 40mm above the DPC it is fastene...One more pictureIt's cracking as the deck is swelling and putting pressure on the render. Your going to have to lift a few boards and try to prise it out from the...What is underneath? can you just take it away? It classically needs to have a surface 150mm below the dpb and everything sound and functional eg a...Here is underneath. It is approx 1 foot off the ground.Here is airbrick which is covered when grass down it has two rows of holesThe back door step seems to be supported by the spar fixed to the house. Second image is the air vent at front of house that I had to dig out.Here is the board under the grass at the opposite end to the house. My foot went through it last weekendThe levels around the whole house are incorrect. The front garden i had to dig out a trench but still get splash back from the mud. The side of the...I`m wanting to know what is the correct way to fix this that meets building regs. I`ve been quoted two different fixes one I don`t agree with. Als...Davidkw2019. 10. 13.davidc2019. 7. 10.

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2021. 4. 23. In this case there was a protruding overhand to the eaves of the house so no undue concerns about rain splash from the surface of the deck onto the wall above the DPC - Damp Proof Course. It is wrongly thought that the only thing that matters for a DPC and patio or deck is that the surface should be 2 courses below DPC to prevent moisture soaking up from the surface to that area above …

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External wall damp course is at door/floor level. The plastic in the brickwork are weep holes. The external ground level must be 150mm below the damp course.(building reg) The reason being that when rain fall hits the floor it will bounce up thus bypassing the dpc if it was level with the outside.

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2005. 6. 3. So it is safe enough to position your fixings on or about the dpc. But it is not advised to drill directly into the dpc line as this will obviously break the dpc. If the deck needs to be fixed at the dpc line I would use a 6x2 or 8x2 timber to make sure I was well clear of the dpc. You can still have your deck fixed away from the wall if you want.

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2021. 9. 22. The decking (along with all other extensions outhouses garden buildings) take up no more than 50% of the available garden area; You can find further information on Permitted Development on the UK Government Planning Portal. Where decking …

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Decking is a term that can be applied to numerous applications in construction. One of its more common forms is the platform areas (sometimes raised) in domestic gardens that are used for special functions such as relaxation for sun loungers or b...

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Step 1: Marking Out the Batterns. Im Using 90 x 19mm Merbau decking and the maximum joist spacing or decking can span between each joist is 450mm. We have simply marked on the ground where each battern will be laid. Make sure when using timber outside that the timber is either Treated Pine or hardwood. Im using Treated Pine 70 x 45 mm.

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Decking is much easier to lay on a level surface. If it isn’t level you can still lay decking but it might be more difficult. Raised decking can give you extra height that may mean you’re not overlooked by neighbours. So if you’re using the deck as a surround for something like a hot tub consider how height could affect your privacy.

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11/6/2016 Slope: If you’ve built on a slope in that you slightly tilted the deck to allow for water run-off your actual above grade measurement may be a little bit higher than on other parts of the deck. Safety: A 30-inch fall for an adult isn’t great but it probably won’t end in a broken bone. The same can’t always be said for small kids or pets.

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2016. 4. 9. This is why one often sees advice to install decks well below dpc level particularly where the deck is a DIY project. However decks can be installed level with doors or patio windows using the ...David Bowie E-Type2018. 1. 6.Decking Air bricks and Ventilation. - Page 1 - Homes Gardens and DIY2015. 7. 1.Defender Td5 - 'Pre-Heater' Advice Please?2007. 8. 4.Kenwood DDX6029 vs PioneerAVIC-HD1BT2006. 12. 16.

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2021. 9. 15. In reality this is often ignored but the level of the deck must never be higher than the damp proof course. The decking structure should not be fastened directly to the fabric of the house there should be at least a 10mm gap between the structure and the house. This can be achieved by using several stainless steel washers.

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2017. 1. 6. Provision of DPCs and cavity trays; Base of walls piers etc. A DPC should be provided a minimum 150mm above adjoining surfaces and linked with the DPM in solid floors. Base of partitions built off oversite where there is no integral DPM: The DPC should be the full width of the partition. Base of wall built off beam slab etc.

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2020. 8. 4. Im building a basic floating deck to minimise costs. As a result the deck is going to be sitting on a bed of gravel and patio slabs which once the decks built will take the top of the deck about 3cm above the DPC of the house. Now i know that anything like patio or decking has to be 150mm below the DPC if its right against the house.

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2009. 6. 21. Building the deck above or level with the dpc means that rain water can splash up and give you damp problems in the future. Do people ever build a deck above the DPC? Yes they do and they never seem to have an problems but it is not advisable to do so. If you space the ledger so that it is not touching the house like this- fixing a ledger amd if you ensure that the deck boards are not touching the house then you can …Re-pointing damp proof course2014. 7. 21.downlights in warm deck roof2011. 8. 14.Decking causing damp?2009. 4. 14.putting a shed directly onto decking2009. 3. 16.

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Decks over the top rails of above ground pools can create a real problem. Assuming you have an overlap liner you will need to remove the top rails. Many times a deck will need to be cut back and then rebuilt. Sometimes it is as easy as pulling some deck screws and removing the top 2 x 6's. Other times it means cutting and replacing boards.


2009. 2. 25. DECKING FACT SHEET BUILDING REGULATIONS BRITISH STANDARDS Timber decks for residential installation are not as such referenced in current UK Building Regulations. However as the regulations state that stairs and balustrades should be designed and installed for the safe movement in or about buildings it can be assumed that they do apply especially

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Most AC manufacturers recommend maintaining a minimum 60 uninterrupted clearance above the compressor to allow for hot air to exhaust from the top of the unit. Without proper air flow your AC unit can overheat and break down. You must also consider access for repairs of the unit. If your deck is very high then you may be able to leave it in ...

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I’ve taken up decking and am putting a patio in which will be at the same level as the threshold so will be above DPC and above... Patio - above DPC - is this a problem? We have had a patio installed that the landscaper has built about 3 CM higher than the DPC. He has left a gap of 10 cm between... Patio to sit 75mm below DPC. Hello All Apologies if this question has already been asked but I can …Yeah putting a drain at the edge of the building to manage the water is the way to do it. Taking the patio above the dpc will put the building at r...最佳答案 1What we usually do is finish patio 20-30cm from the wall with a drainage chanel under the gap and away to soakaway filled on top with decorative g...11Drainage at the edge of the building is the correct way and decorative stone would stop splash back for extra measure I would consider a plaith0If one is to raise the ground level to above the original DPM one is affectionately bridging the system to prevent rising dampness and in this cas...0


2013. 4. 7. I have spoken to my builder and he has said we can either make a channel by breaking out the concrete and digging down and then laying pee gravel in the channel 150mm minimum below the DPC or raise the DPC up by a course of bricks in the effected area and then step it back down again to join the original DPC in the un effected area. i have uploaded a photo which is highlighted in yellow to ...