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Mar 25 2017 Products that are shown in this video: Elevations Metal Framing Systemhttps:// /more-deck-products/ -elevationsBuildex Teks Select F...

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Details. DECKFAST Deck Screws for Metal Framing is a versatile fastener that attaches 5/4 PVC composite capstock and hardwood steel or aluminum deck framing systems. Featuring triple strength corrosion protection the DECKFAST Deck Screws for Metal Framing are made of 410 stainless steel with both a zinc plate and epoxy coating which adds the extra protection needed when driving into …

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Description. Screws can also be used for fastening metal deck sheets to supporting members. Typically #12 or #14 screws are used for support fasteners. Depending on the total thickness of the steel to be connected changes the length of the screws needed. Screws are installed using a torque controlled drill for proper installation without overdriving and stripping the screw.5/5

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Stainless Steel Screws. Stainless steel is an alloy of carbon steel that is itself resistant to corrosion. However stainless steel is reactive with aluminum and when a stainless steel screw is in contact with an aluminum base metal the aluminum is likely to corrode. As is the case with carbon steel screws a plated stainless steel screw is less likely to corrode aluminum; screws treated with a high-quality …

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Metal Framing Screws. Building your new deck with a metal framing system such as Fortress Evolution Steel Framing is a wonderful investment towards the longest-lasting deck possible. It's also crucial to fasten the decking material down with the appropriate screws. Whether you're installing composite hardwood or PVC boards DecksDirect has ...

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For most of us working within a strict budget coated deck screws are the most viable option. Standard green or brown coated screws are the cheapest. A 3” length deck screws are preferable to 2.5” as they hold better. A #8 diameter deck screw is ideal as any higher would split the wood.

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Replacement Hardware. DecksDirect stocks replacement screws for common products. If you can't find the hardware you are looking for feel free to give us a call at 1-888-824-5316.

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This handy fastening screw can be used to attach most types of decking materials such as hardwoods heat treated lumber (thermally modified) soft woods composite and PVC with aluminum stainless steel and steel substructures. Pre-drilling pilot holes through the decking is still recommended.

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These aluminum screws are lightweight and resist corrosion in wet environments. They have a flange that is wider and thicker than our other flanged screws so they distribute pressure the best. Metric Aluminum Ultra-Wide