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Production process of wood fibre boards (MDF and HDF)

Production of wood fibre boards (MDF/HDF) Fibreboard usually has a homogeneous structure which is finer than that of particleboard. They can therefore be processed similarly to solid wood i.e. it is possible for example to mill or profile them. A distinction is mainly made between MDF (medium density fibreboard) and HDF (high density ...

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The Potential of Wood Fibre Insulation to Optimise High Performance Construction Niall Crosson ... Woodfibre Board Insulation Manufacturing •Wet Production •Dry Production. ... Manufacturing Processes Energy consumption for manufacture per metric tonne = 100%

GreenSpec: Wood Fibre Insulation: Introduction

Common formats. Wood fibre insulation can be designed to deliver a range of functions through varying to some degree both manufacturing technique and board ingredients. Flexible insulation. Application: Friction mounted between studs / rafters. Thermal conductivity: circa 0.038 W/mK. Density: circa 50 kg/m3.

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As I’ve said previously there are two different ways of manufacturing wood fibre boards. Now the first process is wet processing and essentially you take chipped timber – so all waste timber – you grind it up and then you boil it up with water and a few other chemicals designed to break down the timber into the fibres.

GreenSpec: Wood Fibre Insulation: Manufacturing Processes

The 'Wet' process. 1 - Chips and shavings from typically spruce and fir are retrieved as waste from the manufacture of other timber products. 4 - The mix is pumped into a forming box as a continuous fibre mat. 5 - Around half the water is removed through pressing and vacuum pumping. 6 - The board material is dried in an air drier.