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16/04/2015 attaching to concrete. mick_meyers | Posted in Construction Techniques on April 7 2015 07:29am. I’m building a deck and have concrete steps which I’ll need to attach to. It’s only the top step or landing about 3 foot square. The will lie on top of the landing but will also be attached to 4X8 treated beams.

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30/04/2019 If like us you have an old concrete stoop that has more than seen better days rather than going through the hassle of tearing it out why not give it a facelift? From concrete stains and epoxy coatings to a variety of enclosures there are several ways to go about this. We chose a composite decking surround as we liked the low-maintenance factor and wood look.

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A Pergola can be installed over a concrete patio or mounted to a deck. Custom sizes shapes and colors are available upon request. Furthermore electrical wiring can be run through the core of the components on-site to add specialty lighting fans or other …

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Composite decking ends can be finished by picture framing raised fascia board ... Simple trim the decking and install the fascia flush to the top of the decking. All steps and materials that every composite deck requires. ... Bringing costs to only slightly over a …

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2019. 7. 26. 4) Deck Footings Not Deep Enough. Another common mistake that should be avoided is improper installation of concrete footings. Extreme freeze/thaw conditions can wreak havoc on concrete footers if they are not installed below the frost line. Here …

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Stairs connected to the patio can complicate this project. To keep step heights equal you’ll have to raise the treads by the same distance you raise the patio (2-1/2 to 3-1/2 in.). On concrete steps that’s a straightforward job: You can treat them just like the patio screwing sleepers to the treads and risers and decking over them.

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2021. 9. 24. I ripped several deck planks in half which left me with ~1 1/8 x ~2 1/2 pieces. I did not use 2x4's because of clearance issues. But the ripped planks work fine and are cheaper if you have a table saw (heck a circular saw will work). 2. I attached the ripped planks to the concrete with tapcons. (concrete screws) 3.

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Our deck is South - Southwest facing from a walk-out basement. It will be in an enclosed area due to the upstairs deck right over the top. I have been trying to read up on the decking and can find no reference to ground using it at ground level.

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composite lumber is a hybrid product made up of wood dust recycled plastics and a proprietary binding agent to hold it all together. It is pressed into shapes resembling lumber complete with faux grain. It can be cut and worked similarly to real wood and has a long lasting color-fast finish that makes it ideal for landscape construction projects such as walkways.

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Dec 24 2005 Your first concrete step down would become at the same height as the deck then drop steps after that. Your staircase will extend one step longer at the bottom. Do you have to build a handrail too or is that already in place?attaching to concreteApr 16 2015 ovenMar 22 2006Hardie plank corner jointsMar 05 2000Tapcon Concrete ScrewsJan 11 1999

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2021. 9. 26. However over time some types of decking can become spongy and bounce more than when it’s brand new. We notice this issue showing up after years of use and with older cheaper models of . But it certainly shows up and when it does the deck can become unusable.

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Some deck builders install a concrete landing below deck stairs at grade. The minimum size for a stair landing is 36 x 36 in front of the stairs. You will want to rest your stair stringer on 12 of the concrete landing. In this case we are pouring a 4'x4' pad. Total Rise …

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Dec 28 2019 Yes Virginia it can be done! You will have to build a frame over the existing stairs first and then add your composite stairs. https:// /how-to-cover-concrete-steps-with-wood. … Virginia Long

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17/12/2019 The truth about decks built over concrete slabs. Although it is not impossible to install a deck over a concrete patio it is uncommon. This is because concrete patios rarely offer enough space over which to install a deck. Furthermore concrete patios are usually an extension of the concrete slab foundation on which your house is built and the thresholds …

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2018. 10. 5. Building a floating deck over concrete is one of the best ways to expand your living space while enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal. By building a floating deck made with capped composite decking materials you can swiftly transform a drab …

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“We started with an old cracked concrete patio. Not the worst situation in the world but definitely not the most inspiring. It was ready for a refresh.” “While I came into the project with a general vision for what I wanted in terms of the size shape and materials any indecision or choices were easily solidified through the resources at Lowe’s.” “Wood decks and railings take a ...


2019. 4. 11. find inspiring photos of deck projects steps to help you plan and start your project and tips for selecting the right deck builder. At .com you can request information register your warranty and reach out to customer service representatives who can answer even more questions.

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24/12/2005 As far as I can tell they used power actuated fastners directly into the concrete with some sort of small spacer/shim to allow drainage and air circulation below the . I think it has been there around 5 years and there haven't been any problems so far. You will have variation in the rise of the steps which is a problem to consider.

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28/12/2019 If you lay the composite over the landing you may need to consider drainage when it rains. If I have a problem with the bottom step it would be an easy fix.I have a brick walkway to the stairs that I could adjust accordingly. Digging a few out and adding ic sand. pulling a permit as the owner Monday.

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Can composite decking (such as ) be installed over concrete? Yes. In most cases you can lay composite decking over concrete (keeping in mind you’ll have to build a substructure that allows airflow and drainage). In fact concrete surfaces can provide a dry durable and stable area that’s essentially ideal for composite decking. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns covering a …

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3:0126/03/2018 Have an ugly concrete step and porch? Try this method to beautify the entrance to your home! Working Hand

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Dec 17 2019 It is fire-resistant. Friendly to bare feet (which means no splinters!). Looks like real wood. And best of all it can be installed right over the top of an existing concrete slab. But first a little bit of honesty… The truth about decks built over concrete slabs. Although it is not impossible to install a deck over a concrete patio it is uncommon.

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In this video This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to deck over a concrete stoop. Steps: 1. Cut PVC trim boards to wrap around stoop using circular saw. 2. Counterbore holes in PVC trim with ½-inch-diameter spade bit. 3. Apply foam adhesive to back of trim. 4. Run bead of hot-melt glue across miter joints and press trim board against stoop. 5. …

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21/07/2018 How to Install Capped Composite Decking Over Concrete … to note the extra sleepers if you’re adding stairs or railings to the deck area). Install plugs into the counterbored holes using hot-melt glue; trim the plugs flush with a sharp chisel. 9. Attach the wood- composite decking to the top of the concrete stoop using the same masonry anchors.

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Some may wonder if you can lay composite decking over concrete. The answer is yes but first we suggest you check with your local building office for any code requirements. Here are a few key factors to consider when building a deck over …Before After How to Create a Cottage Feel in Any Home