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14/09/2011 Use the garden hose to spray in between the decking boards to clean away any remaining debris. DISCLAIMER: If you choose to use a pressure washer it is important that you understand how to do so properly as the incorrect technique can actually damage your wood. If you hold the nozzle too closely to the deck you will gouge the wood.

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04/05/2017 Cleaning the Deck with a Scrub Brush or Broom 1. Pour the cleaning solution in a bucket. You can use white distilled vinegar and water to create an all natural... 2. Dip a broom or scrub brush in the bucket. Use a broom with clean bristles or a scrub brush with a long handle. 3. Scrub the deck …99/100

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Sweep first. Wash away debris. Apply cleaner. Seal the deck.

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2:1210/10/2015 It's amazing what you can do for a few bucks. Cleaning your deck was never so easy. And cheap!Support this channel if you like what we are doing.Here is wher... For Us Foodies

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13/07/2015 How to Clean Renew and Seal a Wood Deck in One Day - YouTube. Ron Hazelton

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12/05/2021 Make this DIY deck-cleaning solution. In the bucket stir 1 cup of oxygenated bleach into 2 gallons of hot water until fully dissolved. Working in sections spread the cleaner on your deck and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. You may see it bubble a bit as it tackles the stains.