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With our precise tongue groove end matching each board fits snuggly and securely together for that perfect lock-in fit. The EZ-Lock Pre-Finished Pine System makes for fast pine installations with virtually no trimming necessary. Lower Costs of End Matching Estimates. End Matching can actually save you money on your project estimates.

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Center Match - Robbins Lumber Company Center Match. Also known as Tongue and Groove and is commonly used as a colonial style flooring product. Functions best in a Premium or better grade.


Aug 21 2019 End-matched - Material that has been precision end trimmed usually with a tongue and groove pattern added. Center-match – a simple T G pattern that has no V-groove or beading to hide shrinkage. Flooring is a “center-match” T G pattern.

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1x6 Tongue and Groove is the most popular but a wider 1x8 pattern can be selected to have a more rustic appearance. There is also a T G pattern profile call carsiding that has a V-Groove in the center of the board. This gives the illusion of a narrower board (1x4 ) when installed but with the time savings of a wider board (1x8 ).

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Apr 20 2017 When the job calls for beautiful wood there is no better choice than Cypress Tongue and Groove solid wood paneling products. We manufacture V Groove Beadboard Beaded Ceiling Tongue and Groove Center Match Nickle Gap Cypress Wood Flooring and a variety of other standard patterns. We also have cypress siding products like Ship Lap Siding Rabbeted Bevel Siding and can …

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The term tongue and groove refers to the technique of fitting similar objects together by aligning their edges and joining them to make a single flat surface. This method of connecting pieces is particularly strong and effective because it interlocks the original two flat planks into one seamless piece.

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Apr 21 2020 Center Match (CM) Lumber that has been worked with a tongue exactly in the center on one edge of each piece and a groove on the opposite edge to provide a close tongue-and-groove joint by fitting two pieces together.

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1x6 White Pine Center Match Tongue and Groove. Applies a Rustic Farm House Character and Accentuates Timeless Log Home Style with Classic Charm.