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King of the hardwood forest this noble reclaimed wood flooring is a mix of red and white oak species. Its color ranges from light reddish-tan to medium brown with a distinctive variety of graining. Reclaimed Antique Oak makes a very hard and durable reclaimed wood flooring that is well suited to high traffic areas and its casual appearance makes it a classic.

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A distressed floor is made from new unfinished flooring that is treated or textured to achieve the appearance of a floor that has been worn down by age and foot traffic. Reclaimed wood flooring actually uses floorboards that are decades or centuries old.

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Adding a Touch of Centuries-Old Elegance with White Oak Heart Pine and Douglas Fir Reclaimed and Old Growth Wood Flooring Reclaimed White Oak. It’s not only eye-pleasing vintage wood flooring that we offer here. We give you the opportunity to... Reclaimed Long Leaf Heart Pine Solid Wood Flooring. ...Reclaimed Oak Flooring How to Buy Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring Gallery Box Beams - Timbers

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A Wood Flooring Style for Every Project. From the enduring beauty of reclaimed oak floors to the swirling colors of reclaimed hickory to the charm of reclaimed maple and the rustic comfort of reclaimed pine flooring – Nature has given Olde Wood a palette rich with texture color and depth. Reclaimed Wood Flooring Remilled From Old Barn Wood - Aged ... Where to Buy Reclaimed Wood Flooring - The Spruce Buy Antique Wood Flooring That's Reclaimedplantationreclaimed.comReclaimed Wood Flooring - Pine Oak More ... Reclaimed wood flooring. MN | Pete's Hardwood Floors

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The best sources for reclaimed wood flooring are old buildings that provide an excellent harvest from both existing floors and beams. We are able to obtain different reclaimed flooring styles and quality because of the area of the building we select and mill down. Flexibility.