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25/03/2020 The best deck color often depends on the exact shade of gray your house boasts. If a home is clad in lighter gray siding then a dark gray deck can look absolutely stunning. However for darker gray designs you’ll want to consider a lighter deck color like tan …

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14/07/2020 Light grey decking makes for a smart contrast against the warm-toned brick facade of this home. Darker grey columns help tie the look together. Mixing Grey with Tan Tones on Your Deck. Grey decking with a slightly weathered appearance can make it the perfect palette to mix tasteful shades of cool-toned tan in your decor.

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1. Lighter Grey Deck: The Easiest Pick for Your Dark Grey House. The first option that we want to talk about here is the light grey deck color. Although this option can match any grey shade that you apply to the house especially on the walls we want to say that it works the best when paired with a dark grey exterior instead.

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14/09/2021 Deck Stain Colors for Tan Houses Inspiration for Your Next Staining Project. ... What Are The Best Grey Stain Colors For My Deck? Give your deck a touch of class with these great greys. Here are the top 4 grey wood stain colors you can use to refresh your exterior space.

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If you’re looking for deck colors for a tan house this could be a contender. The deck’s surface is taupe offering up hints of brown and gray. This makes it incredibly versatile and could allow it to blend seamlessly with a tan exterior. The addition of the reddish wood railings skirt and hot tub surrounds a splash of subtle color.

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When installed on a tan house grey shutters can create a gorgeous visual. Depending on the style of the building it can create a different look. The traditional exterior that you can see in the photo is an example that we found. With the light grey shutters the tan brick house gains a significant classic elegance.